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10 tips on how to cook healthier straight away

2. Prefer quality over quantity :

Healthy cooking begins with the ingredients. For fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs, you should focus on the quality and not on the amount.

Buy high-quality, fresh products in small quantities, for example from a butcher, slaughterhouse or a farmer you trust, instead of resorting to inferior discounter goods.

For fruits and vegetables, you should also use seasonal and regional products, so don’t buy apples from Chile or strawberries from Peru. A good an alternative for the whole year: frozen fruits and vegetables such as beans, berries, and broccoli.

As a rule, organic meat is more animal-friendly and also contains fewer residues, such as antibiotics, which can harm people’s health. Another plus: you have a better conscience because the free-range organic chickens and cattle were happier.

When buying fish, you should pay attention to organic and environmental seals (e.g. MSC). However, there are huge differences in the organic seals. The EU organic label guarantees certain minimum standards, for example, the absence of synthetic pesticides. Private initiatives such as Demeter, Bioland, and Naturland also meet these criteria but voluntarily meet even stricter guidelines and are therefore definitely preferable to the EU organic label.

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