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5 Best Puppy Food Brands

Best Puppy Food Brand
Best Puppy Food Brand

In order for your puppy to develop into a healthy and vital dog, you should feed a high-quality puppy food. This feed contains all the important nutrients in the composition required for growth. Some manufacturers offer puppy food that is tailored to the dog’s final size. This is particularly recommended for very small and very large dog breeds, as their energy requirements differ greatly.

  1. Acana Dog Food

Before we dive in, just to clear something quickly before you wonder why I have “dog food” in the heading on a site supposed to highlight puppy food…

Most variants of Acana dog food is suitable for all dog breeds and all life stages, also clearly indicated on the packaging. Am I forgiven for my “mistake”? Thank you!

Without a doubt, Acana is our current favorite dog food brand and although a couple of other brands come quite close to this designation from our side, there just is not another brand that will easily carry the lamp as far as Acana does for us (in our modest and humble opinion anyway…)

Shop on Amazon for your Acana Dog Food! Acana provides the whole package… A range of various flavors and interesting combinations of what they call Biologically Appropriate™ pet foods made from fresh regional ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from local producers and delivered fresh right to their award-winning kitchen doors in Alberta, Canada, almost daily.

Acana’s range kicks off with their ever-popular Acana Classics that feature 55-65% types of meat, including cage-free Cobb chicken, whole eggs, and wild-caught flounder, plus sun-ripened fruits and vegetables from Canada’s Okanagan orchards.

Next up, expressing the diversity of fresh, authentic foods produced from western Canada’s vast ranchlands, rich prairies, fertile valleys, and pristine waters, is the Acana Regionals, also rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and entirely grain-free.

Read our full, in-depth review of the Acana dog food brand

Have a diet-sensitive little fellow and need to keep an eye on extreme ingredient diversity? Acana Singles has you covered with its limited ingredient, Biologically Appropriate™ range with their unmatched meat inclusions of Alberta pork, Canadian duck, or New Zealand lamb.

What we especially fancy about the Acana range of foods is that they are all suited for all breed types, of all life stages. We just think that’s amazing innovation all by itself.

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