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9 Misconceptions About Weight Loss

myths about weight loss

Many weight loss tips have no scientific basis and only upset the person. Do you know these cases? When does a lie become an acceptable belief? When lying is repeated regularly and in a variety of ways.
According to “MSNBC”, this method is one of the oldest and most famous methods that in addition to politicians, other people, including businessmen, resort to it.

Weight loss, which is a hot topic in all societies today, and manufacturers of slimming products use different methods to include their products and products as methods and methods without error and with a 100% result in the belief of the people, but Few people succeed in avoiding the impact of the advertisements that are done in this regard in the treatment of their disease,

as a result of which these advertisements are very effective in making people happy with these products. In this article, we will reveal the common lies.

1- You can lose 14 kilos in 29 days;
This issue or other hollow slogans that express a lot of weight loss in the shortest time is neither the right nor the right way. Experts say permanent weight loss requires lifestyle changes, not immediate solutions.

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