An Introduction to Natural and Alternative Medicine

An Introduction to Natural and Alternative Medicine

herbal medicineMany people argue about the validity of herbal remedies as effective medicines mainly due to the lack of scientific research performed to prove or disprove their effectiveness. Herbal medicine specialists (Herbalists) feel that money is the main motivation for attempting to discredit herbal products.

Because pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent natural remedies, the wide spread use of herbal medicines would basically put them out of business. These companies wouldn’t be able to corner the market and charge ridiculous prices for prescription medications if herbal remedies were too popular. They need to create synthetic medicines in order to remain profitable. In order to keep selling their prescription medications, the pharmaceutical companies must discredit the use of natural health products as alternative medicines.

On the contrary, many of nature’s plant species are poisonous. The Rhubarb plant for example, is a nutritious vegetable, but the leaves from the Rhubarb plant, if eaten as either a food or medicine, could cause someone to go into convulsions or possibly even die. This emphasizes the importance of self-education when it comes to knowing which herbs are good or bad for you.

Herbs can also interact negatively with other herbs or prescription medications.

Also, taking these herbs while consuming large amounts of caffeine could also induce heart palpitations. Heart palpitations can lead to much more serious problems and even a heart attack.

It’s quite common to see a lot of media coverage when using herbal remedies causes someone problems. The truth of the matter is that there are many more cases of side effects and severe health related problems associated with “approved” prescription drugs than there are with alternative natural remedies. As the general public becomes increasingly more educated about this topic, the popularity of natural health products will continue to grow

In summary, with the dramatic increase in the cost of prescription medicine and the rising number of reports about the dangers and side effects associated with prescription drugs, many consumers are now seeking druthers, and admiringly there are many.

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