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flat stomach
flat stomach

Many of us wish our bellies were flat and firm, a goal that seems to become harder and more difficult as we get older. Advertisements for sports equipment or magazine articles that promise you a flat stomach “in just a few days” may tempt you. Contrary to popular belief, exercising the abdominal muscles does not get rid of belly fat. The only way to do this is to burn more calories than you get from food. Of course, working with the abdominal muscles also has its place, but if you want to get the maximum benefit, strengthen a set of torso muscles.

These exercises are collectively called core conditioning .

Trunk strengthening exercises improve posture and thus give you a slimmer appearance (poor posture can give the abdomen a slight bulge, even in women with strong abdominal muscles). In addition, strengthening the trunk muscles can increase the efficiency of other sports and prevent bodily injury as a result.

  • Starting Trunk Strengthening Exercises :

If you have been doing physical therapy for low back pain, you are probably familiar with the concept of strengthening your trunk muscles; That is, the muscles in the abdomen, back, and pelvis are located almost between the chest and buttocks. Strengthening and coordinating these muscles is not only important for exercise and fitness, it is also important for daily life. 

For example, you need trunk muscles to lift a hand off a shelf, lift a child, or wipe the floor with a sponge. The current impetus for encouraging trunk muscle strengthening stems in part from studies conducted in the 1990s that showed that people with healthy backs (unlike people with low back pain) automatically contracted their trunk muscles automatically before moving their arms or legs.

They do, especially the transverse abdominal muscles that bend forward from the sides of the waist. Experts have concluded that a well-coordinated use of the trunk muscles stabilizes the spine and helps build a solid foundation that supports almost all body movements. Even today, patients receiving physical therapy for chronic low back pain are told to contract their trunk muscles before performing the recommended exercises.

Exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, such as running for thirty minutes every day, must be within the various programs related to fitness. It is also recommended that you do strength training to strengthen your muscles 2-3 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes, and this is a good time to do a few exercises to strengthen your torso.

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