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Healing and Disease Crisis

When you first start using herbal and alternative remedies to treat a chronic or severe condition, you may find yourself going through what is known as a healing crisis. As your body starts ridding itself of the various toxins and built up waste that’s been in your system for a great number of years, it will need time to adjust to those changes. And when the body knows that you are trying to help it in cleaning up the ugly things, it may speed up this process and this will lead you to think Things are getting worse while actually getting better

The best example I can give you for a healing crisis is withdrawal symptoms. When someone has been taking addictive drugs for awhile, if they stop taking those drugs they will go through a period of time in which they’re very sick. This is the body doing it’s best to clean out the waste from that drug use as quickly as it can.

Another more common example that many people can relate to happens often when you go on a new diet. If you decide you will lose weight by cutting out extra sugar from your diet, the first step you might take is to stop drinking sodas. And everything is good for a day or two, and then a big problem appears with the headache, and you may feel the symptoms of the flu. that’s normal


 It is finally able to start eliminating all the poisons and wastes caused within your system from eating so much sugar over the years

Different people will experience healing and disease crisis periods in different ways. This is because what happens most for you will depend on where your biggest problems are within your body. For example, if you suffer from sinus diseases, you may see that mucus comes out of your head and if you are suffering from bronchitis problems, You may see more mucus coming out of your lungs instead of all of it

Whatever your “regular”, ongoing chronic health problems usually are, they will seem intensified when you’re body starts it’s healing process. And this is a very good thing. The body gets rid of bacteria and toxins in many ways, including urine, feces, cough, sweat, and more

Now, if you’re fairly healthy when you start cleansing your body, you will go through what is known as a healing crisis. This lasts for a few days, and usually tends to feel like you have a cold or the flu. If however, you’ve been quite sick for many years, you may go through what is known as a disease crisis first. This means all of your standard illnesses will be worse, and it could last for two weeks or more. This happens because your body has more toxins to get rid of when you’ve been sick for an extended period of time. It’s extremely important to stick with it though. Stay with whatever detoxifying or cleansing diet or routine you’ve chosen, and hang in there. It will get better, and you will feel so much better in the end as well.

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