Herbal Remedies for Miscellaneous Ailments

There are a variety of miscellaneous herbal remedies available which don’t quite fit into one specific area, but are good to know about and provide information that many people are searching for. This article will cover some of those miscellaneous natural remedies that don’t always fit well elsewhere.

Herbs for Hair Loss:
A good herbal combination to use for hair loss is: Kelp, Dandelion, and Alfalfa. These three herbs are extremely high in essential vitamins and minerals which play major roles in how healthy our bodies are. In addition to the vitamins and minerals it gives us, alfalfa also helps the nutrients from other herbs to be absorbed more readily by the body. Kelp alone will give you healthier skin and nails too, but the three of these herbs combined are excellent for general hair, skin and nail problems – including hair loss and baldness.

Cayenne is an herb you’ll see mentioned for a large variety of ailments, because it’s a catalyst – which means it helps your body to start healing faster – plus it’s a stimulant and healer in it’s own right. There are some things you can use Cayenne for that don’t come up in everyday herbal remedy articles though, so we’ll cover a couple of the most useful here:

Stop bleeding:  Regular cayenne powder like you buy at the spice rack of your grocery store can be sprinkled or poured onto a bleeding wound to stop the bleeding. Opening a cayenne pill capsule and sprinkling that on works as well. You can also take cayenne by mouth to stop internal bleeding. The cayenne will feel warm when poured on to a wound, but it will not cause a blister.

Shock treatment: If someone is going into shock due to an allergic reaction or traumatic event, give them cayenne by mouth – either in capsule form or mixed with warm water – to prevent shock.

Bee and Wasp stings: Apply honey to pull out the stinger. Use cayenne by mouth for anyone who’s allergic to the stings.

Mosquito and Spider bites: Apply aloe vera, lemon juice, or comfrey extract to relieve itching and swelling. You can also prevent getting bitten and stung by eating a raw onion, or rubbing lemon balm on your skin.

Boils: You can pull a boil by mixing Comfrey, Goldenseal, Slippery Elm and Mineral Water.

Bruises: Heal bruises by applying comfrey or onion packs. The onion will take away the pain quickly and help the bruise heal more quickly. Comfrey will also pull the pain and help it heal more quickly than the onion will, but not everyone keeps comfrey salve on hand, though you should.

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