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Slimming diet after pregnancy

Slimming diet after pregnancy
Slimming diet after pregnancy

Consumption of high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are a major part of the diet during this time (even more so during pregnancy). One of the benefits of these fibrous foods is the provision of smoky bowel movements, which is useful for treating constipation and hemorrhoids.

Never think about getting pregnant again too soon. You need to boost your body’s nutrient stores to be the beginning of prosperity for your next fetus. Breastfeeding and pregnancy cause many effects on the body. Consecutive pregnancies put extra strain on your body’s energy levels and nutrient stores, such as calcium and iron, especially if you are also breastfeeding your baby.

To lose weight in your first pregnancy, do not limit your calories too much, because an extremely low-calorie diet is unable to provide important nutrients during pregnancy, especially nutrients such as calcium and iron. Regarding weight loss during breastfeeding and postpartum, I must say that the mother’s body accumulates at least 4 kg of stored fat during pregnancy, and the reason is to provide the energy you need for breastfeeding. 

After childbirth, if you follow a proper diet (neither too much nor too little), your body weight will decrease by half a kilo per month, because some of the energy needed to produce milk from the body’s reserves is provided. So do not worry and do not try to diet during breastfeeding, because your baby will be hurt. Eat as much food as possible and do not undereat.

Of course, if you are breastfeeding your baby, you should not go on a weight loss diet, but if for some reason (of course, you are not able to breastfeed), you can diet under the supervision of a nutritionist or doctor. The reason I say “diet under the supervision of a nutritionist or doctor” is that the mother’s body is under a lot of pressure and change during pregnancy and childbirth, and taking an unscientific diet, on its own, causes the body to have problems. Or get sick.

Avoid smoking and illicit drugs and talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking or intending to take.

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