Women should not be bathed like this !

Dr. Niromanesh, a gynecologist, said that some time ago, an overweight woman came to me with a fungal disease. One of the questions I asked him was, does he sit on a chair in the bathroom or on the floor? The answer was clear; Due to his high weight, he could not stand, and because he was accustomed to a long bath, he sat on the floor and often went to the public bath.

I explained to him that the sun does not shine and that the environment is humid and prone to fungal growth, and that sitting on the floor or by the pool or in hot tubs or even in a bathtub, especially in public places, can transmit infections to the genitals.

 I strongly recommend women and girls to take a standing bath, and if the bath time is long or for some reason they want to sit, have a chair or four legs, and before sitting, be sure to wash it with boiling water first. 

If you use the bathtub or toilet, especially in public areas or hotels, be sure to clean it with the disinfectant solution before use because fungal diseases are one of the most common diseases that can be transmitted from the bathroom and its symptoms are white discharge with itching and burning. Is.

If a woman does not follow these tips and notices a green or yellow or smelly discharge with burning and itching, she must see a specialist. A type of germ can also enter the genitals through this method, which only appears during intercourse. The discharge of a woman infected with this germ, following the fall of sperm into the vagina, gives off an unpleasant odor, like the smell of rotten fish. This is a sign of infection and needs treatment.

You may have experienced burning and itching, sweating, and foul-smelling discharge, which are common summer problems for women, for whatever reason. Do you usually see a gynecologist or dermatologist or traditional medicine in this situation? Experts offer useful advice for working women who have to sit for hours or work, who travel regularly and sit for long hours in a car or airplane seat, and everyone has it.

Traditional medicine advice on bathing :

 To relieve burning and itching and to heal wounds and inflammation caused by sweat or decoction of chamomile or thyme, which kills fungi and bacteria, pour in hot water in a pan and sit inside. If you are thin and have dry skin and this problem is caused or aggravated by dry skin, you can apply the vitamin A cream and violet ointment to the area to lubricate the area topically.

If itching and burning are caused by an infection and there is a foul-smelling discharge, the use of calendula ointment or calendula is also recommended. Among the oral medicines, according to the temperament, thyme, cinnamon, and fennel sweat are suitable for people who have a cold temperament, and a glass of chicory sweat and fasting fennel in the morning is suitable for those who have a warm temperament.

Dermatologist’s advice on bathing :

 The main problem that occurs in summer due to excessive sweating is the blockage of the sweat glands and itching and burning. To prevent this, it is enough to avoid wearing tight and plastic clothes and instead of loose clothes and cotton to allow air to flow between the folds, but if you have this problem due to heat and excessive sweating, do not use any topical cream. Do not do this because it will cause more obstruction of the sweat glands and worsen the lesions.

Take a shower and leave the area to allow the problem to be resolved as soon as possible. If the cause of the burning or itching is an infection or fungal disease, you should see a gynecologist and get tested for the fungus and take medicine.

The best advice from a gynecologist about bathing is :

 To follow good hygiene and bathing. In summer, when sweating is high, underwear should be changed regularly and dry. A daily shower should not be forgotten. The genital area should be washed and dried regularly, but use shampoo, soap, or hygienic gel twice a week. Skirts are the best cover for this season and you should avoid wearing skinny pants and plastic leggings. If a woman feels that she has a fungal infection other than itching and burning and that she has a yellow and foul-smelling discharge, she should see a specialist sooner to receive antifungal medication.

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